We all certainly had our fair share of sci-fi movies, and have witness a lot of those technologies which were once thought impossible, now come to life. Does the same truth also hold for private jets? With cheap charter flights from Toronto being easily available, more and more people can afford private jets today, not just in Toronto, but all across the world. But how does the future look for private jets? Will we get jets that can fly vertically? Or uses much less fuel?

The rate of innovation and development of concept in the jet industry is quite impressive, and some of them are showing some great promises. Some of concepts and ideas might be a bit too unrealistic, but some on the other hand are very exciting to look into. Check out this article to know more about the future designs, innovations and potentials of private jets:


Early aircraft models were experimental at best. Aviation pioneers did incredible things with the resources at their disposal. But when you look at some of the amazing flying machines now taking to the skies, it’s clear we’ve come a long way in the past 100 years or so. So it’s fascinating to imagine where we’ll be, in another 10, 50 or 100 years.

At PrivateFly we keep a close eye on the innovations that will impact the private aircraft of the future. While some wild headline-grabbing ideas aren’t likely to fly, here are some we think have real potential.


Spacious and high-tech interiors are key attributes of the private aircraft offering today. It’s a competitive market and aircraft manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve their cabin designs, in order to make their aircraft more attractive than their rivals.

We see minor enhancements making their way into aircraft cabins every year, but there are some major innovations that would certainly shake up the flying experience as we know it.

One specific gamechanger that caught our eye is the SkyDeck; a glass-enclosed seat installed on top of the fuselage which provides passengers with a 360-degree view of the outside world while flying.

This would totally change the cabin experience for those passengers wanting to try it! Two comfortable seats are accessed by either stairs or an lift, and once the passengers are seated, the seats can be rotated to take in the view in any direction.


Windows are a hugely important part of  an aircraft’s design, defining both the interior and exterior aesthetic. So when it comes to reinventing how an aircraft will look – both inside and out – this is a key focus of attention.

Airbus recently went so far with a new window design that it imagined an aircraft with panoramic windows around the entire aircraft, allowing for a 360 degree view while flying. The windows would also be able to control the amount of natural light let in, the humidity and the temperature of the cabin.

On at the other end of the window design spectrum, there are also innovations for windowless supersonic jets. Since windows are the weakest point in an aircraft’s structure, some designers are simply removing them altogether to allow for the aircraft to be more aerodynamic.

This doesn’t mean passengers would just stare at the wall. Instead there would be large screens, providing a live projection of the view outside, replicating the feeling of windows. Or passengers could opt for alternative images instead.

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It is very exciting to think of the potential the future holds for us, and how much the amazing experience of flying can even become better. With faster jets, better views, less fuel and more flexibility, we might not be too far away from the jets we always dreamed of in sci-fis. CHeck out this video that show cases the aircraft skydeck that allows passengers to view their outside surroundings like never before:

Aircraft SkyDeck (Option 1) – Windspeed Technologies LLC